Easy Pan O' S'mores

Have you ever tried something so delicious that you could hardly stand it... and something you shocked more than you actually made?When you make this great Pan O'S'mores game you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven.

* Ingredients:

° 9 HONEY-MAID Honey Grahams, brok crosswise in half (18 squares), divide

° 36-Marshmallow, cutting crosswise in half, divide

° 4 HERSHEY'S Milk-Chocolate Bars, (1.55 ounces each), chopped

* directions:

Heat oven 350 degrees F .

Putting 9 Graham squares in siingle layer in bottom 8-inch square pan; Topping with 36 marshmallow halve. Spriinkling with chop chocolate. Coveriing rest squares graham.

Topping with rest marshmallow halve, sides cut down.

Bake 9 to 11 min. Or until marshmallows puff up and are golden brown. Let's stand for 5 minutes. before submitting.



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