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Trophy Hunter Killed Rare Black Giraffe And Claims It Was 'Delicious'

Tess Thompson Talley has spoken out against public criticism and defended her kill multiple times. As part of a hunting trophy safari trip in 2017, a hunter from Kentucky shot and killed a black giraffe in South Africa that caused a widespread uproar on the internet. Tess Thompson Talley proudly shared pictures of herself posing with the dead animal, and according to Diply , she captioned it: Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today! Spotted this rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite a while. I knew it was the one. He was over 18 years old, 4000 lbs. and was blessed to be able to get 2000 lbs. of meat from him. Following this, she faced a backlash from animal lovers online. The post has since been deleted.   Talley later responded to the criticism in an interview with Fox News last year. She claimed the black giraffe "breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. Giraffes get darker with age." Yet, months after the ki

Resentful Father Hates His 1-Year-Old Baby After His Wife Died Giving Birth To Him

 'He's sleeping next to me in his cradle and looking at his squishy little face I just... I hate him,' the dad wrote. Becoming a parent is a whole new experience and one that is cherished by many. But not everyone is prepared to dive into this new experience with the same enthusiasm. Bringing a child into this world, who will one day grow up to become a person fir own right, is a huge responsibility and must not be taken lightly.  Sometimes, the decision of having kids is thrust onto parents who do not want it and things can get pretty nasty. One Reddit user shared his experience about how he grew to resent his son because of the course his life took, where nothing was in his control.   In the post , that has since been deleted, he wrote about how his wife died giving birth to his son. This led to him resenting his son and wanted to know how he could get past the resentment. The 22-year-old man was married to his wife for three years. They tied the knot at the age of 19

(VIDEO) Sramotno skandiranje tokom proslave neustavnog "Dana RS" u Doboju: P**i k***c Federacijo

  U manjem bh. entitetu danas se proslavlja neustavni praznik 9. januar "Dan RS". Za razliku od proteklih godina, proslava je ove godine u Republici Srpskoj obilježena nešto skromnije zbog pandemije, bez tradicionalnog defilea kroz Banjaluku i bez većih okupljanja političkih zvaničnika iz Republike Srpske. Uprkos pandemiji koronavirusa, građani u pojedinim gradovima su ipak odlučili proslaviti "Dan RS-a", a snimak koji dolazi iz Doboja je dodatno uznemirio javnost. Naime, grupa ljudi je odlučila na otvorenom "proslaviti" današnji dan uz neprimjereno skandiranje.